V. Jo Hsu

(Legal Name: Vicki Hsu)



Assistant Professor (August 2017- ), Department of English, University of Arkansas

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow (2016-2017), Department of English, Pennsylvania State University

Graduate Teaching Fellow (2010-2016), Department of English, Pennsylvania State University



Ph.D. in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition, Pennsylvania State University, 2016

           Dissertation: “Dynamic Disclosures: Personal Writing, Relational Rhetoric, and Institutional Narratives”  

By whom, to what ends, and how are personal narratives deployed in academic settings? This study examines discussions and applications of personal writing in rhetorical theory, literary and cultural criticism, and English composition assignments. Such attention to institutional context reveals how certain narratives function at times as strategies of self-empowerment to shift institutional practices, and at others as strategies of containment that allow institutions to benefit from perceived multiculturalism while also masking discriminatory structures and practices.

 Committee: Dr. Debra Hawhee (Chair), Dr. Suresh Cangarajah , Dr. Rosemary Jolly, Dr. Ebony Coletu

M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Pennsylvania State University, Fiction, 2012  

            Thesis: Ghost Money, a novel

            Advisor: Elizabeth Kadetsky

B.A. in English (with honors) and in Visual and Dramatic Arts, Rice University, 2010 Summa cum laude

            Honors Thesis: “Castles of Sand” A short story collection.

            Advisor: Kathleen Cambor     



Department of English, University of Arkansas

Assistant Professor (2017 - present)

ENGL 5003, Composition Pedagogy

ENGL 1013, Composition I


Department of English, Pennsylvania State University

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow (2016-2017), Graduate Teaching Fellow (2010- 2016)

ENGL 015, Rhetoric and Composition [5 sections, 3 online, 24 students each]

ENGL 015, Rhetoric and Composition (Speech and Writing - LEAP) [2 sections, 24 students each]

ENGL 015, Rhetoric and Composition (Leisure and Human Behavior - LEAP) [1 section, 21 students]

ENGL 050, Introduction to Creative Writing [3 sections, 24 students]

ENGL 212, Introduction to Fiction Writing [1 section, 19 students]

ENGL 214, Introduction to Nonfiction Writing [1 section, 20 students]

Graduate Writing Center [2 semesters]



Associate Director, Program in Rhetoric and Composition, University of Arkansas, 2017 - 

Co-Coordinator, Graduate Writing Center, Pennsylvania State University, 2013-2014

Managed the day-to-day operation of the Graduate Writing Center

Collected quantitative and qualitative information to assess the center’s performance, and make suggestions for improvement

Evaluated the needs of our clientele and designed and conducted workshops addressing popular concerns about academic writing

Worked individually with graduate students on written compositions from articles to proposals to dissertation chapters

Composed operational reports for the spring and summer of 2014


Co-Coordinator, MFA Reading Series, Pennsylvania State University, 2011-2012

Organized a reading series to showcase the works-in-progress of creative writers in the Penn State graduate program

Advertised, acquired equipment and facilities, and carried out seven total readings over the course of the year, all of which became standing-room-only events


Publishing Manager, Our Stories Literary Journal, 2009

Managed sales and advertising for a literary journal with nationwide distribution

Designed and created layouts for printed publications

Read, reviewed, and selected submissions for publication



Predoctoral Fellow, Center for Humanities and Information, Pennsylvania State University, 2015-2016

Grand Prize, Center for American Literary Studies, Center County Reads Writing Contest, 2015

Nomination, The Pushcart Prize, for “The Story of Us,” 2012

Jacob K. Javits Fellow, United States Department of Education, 2010-2015

Short Fiction Honorable Mention, Centre County Reads Writing Contest, 2011

Trustee Distinguished Scholarship, Rice University, 2006-2010

Presidential Honor Roll, Rice University, 2006-2010

Earl Elliot Humanities Scholarship, Rice University, 2008

Century Scholar, Rice University, 2006-2008

Dunlevie Writing Fellow, Rice University, 2007

Apple Scholar, Apple, Inc., 2007



Rhetoric and Composition                                                                              

“A Single Life Reinvented: Personal Writing as the Negotiation of Identity in Richard Rodriguez’s Autobiographical Trilogy” Rhetoric Review 35.4 (September 2016): 361-373.



"Strong Woman." Breakwater Review 8.1 (February 2013). Online.

"Strength in Numbers." Consequence Magazine 4.1 (Spring 2012): 175-187.

"The Simplicity of Salt." Bluestem Magazine 4.1 (September 2011). Online. http://www.bluestemmagazine.com/online/september-2011/the-simplicity-of-salt/ [website under revision]

"Flashpoint." Tinge Magazine 1.1 (2011). Online. http://www.tingemagazine.org/flashpoint/

"Wet Paint." Khimairal Ink 6.2 (2010): 23-26.



"The Story of Us." Kartika Review 14.1 (November 2012): 67-81. [Pushcart Prize Nominee]


Book Reviews

"Quarantine." Fiction Writers Review (2011). Online. http://fictionwritersreview.com/review/reviewlet-quarantine-by-rahul-mehta/

"Approaching Ice." Pleiades 31.2 (2011): 230-33.

"Book Review: Ken Harvey. A Passionate Engagement." Green Mountains Review 24.1 (2011): 220-21.

"Dzanc Duo: Aaron Burch and Matt Bell." Fiction Writers Review (2011). Online. http://fictionwritersreview.com/review/dzanc-duo-aaron-burch-and-matt-bell/

"Three Lesbian Poetry Chap Books Considered." Lambda Literary Review (2011). Online. http://www.lambdaliterary.org/reviews/05/12/christina-hutchins-julie-enszer-and-stacey-waite/



Editing Assistant, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Spring 2013

Intern, Foundry Literary + Media, New York, NY, 2010

Fiction Reader, Our Stories Literary Journal, 2009

Fiction Editor, The Rice Review, 2008-2010

Fiction Editor, The UEA Square, 2008



Communications Specialist, Iron Athlete Clinics, 2014 – Present

Digital Media Consultant, Rice University Digital Media Center, 2009-2010

Lecturer, Nanmen Junior High School, Taipei, Taiwan, 2006

Lecturer, Yanping High School, Taipei, Taiwan, 2006



Graduate Professionalization Committee, University of Arkansas, 2017-Present

Selection Committee Member for the Center for Humanities and Information Predoctoral Fellows, Pennsylvania State University, 2015-2016    

Graduate Student Mentor, Pennsylvania State University, 2011-2016

MFA Representative, English Graduate Organization, Pennsylvania State University, 2011-2012

Volunteer Judge, Forensics League of Arizona, 2006-2007



Committee Member

Erin Daugherty, University of Arkansas, English, Ph.D. in progress



Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute, May 2017: Bloomington, IN

            “From Dissertation to Book”

Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 2017: Portland, OR

            “In Others’ Words: Teaching Personal Writing as Relational Rhetoric”

Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Summer 2016: Atlanta, GA

            “A Single Life Thrice: The Negotiated Self in Richard Rodriguez’s Autobiographical Trilogy”

Center for Humanities and Information, Spring 2016: Pennsylvania State University

            “Exceeding Evidence: Personal Writing as the Negotiation of Identity.”

Camp Rhetoric, Spring 2015: Pennsylvania State University

“A Single Life Thrice: The Many Revisions of Richard Rodriguez’s Personal Narratives.”

Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Summer 2014: San Antonio, TX

            “Composing a Boundless Self: Breaking Binaries and Borders by Speaking our Shame”

RPC Summer Institute in Rhetoric and Public Culture, Summer 2014: Northwestern University

“Rhetoric, Politics, and the Affective Turn.”

Center for Democratic Deliberation Colloquium: Kenneth Burke and Social Movements, October, 2013: State College, PA

            “Motivating the Movement: Occupy Wall Street and Kenneth Burke’s Occupation”

Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute, Summer 2013: Lawrence, KS

“Comparative Rhetoric: Enacting the Art of Recontextualization,” Seminar conducted by Dr. LuMing Mao and Dr. Arabella Lyon.



Oral fluency in Mandarin Chinese with some writing proficiency

Highly conversant in oral and written Spanish